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  Key Release Doorchain Key Release Door chain - K.R.D.

The Arrow K.R.D has been designed to provide users with the opportunity to overcome what has often been a major stumbling block towards increasing door security - namely, that fitting door chains can prevent entry by authorised personnel in the event of an emergency.  This is very important, especially where elderly persons in sheltered housing  are concerned.
The Arrow K.R.D accepts interchangeable cores which can be master keyed, allowing authorised personnel to release the door chain using their master key. The occupants use their own individual key. Where a complex is already utilising an interchangeable core master key system, the Arrow K.R.D will accept a core to match the existing cylinder core so no additional keys will be required. Alternatively the Arrow K.R.D can be provided with cores/keys as a ‘stand-alone’ master key system.

  The resident uses the chain in the usual way, sliding the ‘free’ end of the chain into the standard door chain housing. When authorised access is required in an emergency, the key holder opens the door in the usual way, inserts their K.R.D key into the top of the lock housing on the door frame, and releases the chain retaining pin. This drops out of the housing under it’s own weight, so allowing access.
  Straight forward usage of the K.R.D chain within an occupied property.   Re-securing the K.R.D chain with the latch when leaving the property.   Using the key to release the K.R.D chain latch when entering a property.  

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